Hi, I'm Randy and I'm the owner of Houston3DListings.com, a  Virtual Tour company based in Houston Texas. As an experienced Realtor, I understand the importance of having great marketing to get a home sold for top dollar. The world is constantly changing and technology is being rapidly innovated. Now more than ever, having a way to virtually show your business/listings is important in today’s age.


By offering potential buyers or customers for your business a way to view your business/listings without ever having to step into a car to drive across town is a game-changer. With virtual tour technology, we are now able to give buyers and customers a "Google Streetview experience" without breaking your bank account on expensive cameras or wasting any time with in-person meetings to tour a space. 


Plus, you absolutely set your company apart as a “tech-savvy company” to impress your buyers or customers into choosing your business over the competition.

We look forward to working with you!



Randy Canales, Owner